Coming up: Holiday Escapes

Starting next week, a lot of you will be getting to spend more quality family time together. Parents often take time off from work over the holidays — either by choice or by employer mandate — the kids enter that glorious time known as winter break. Together, it adds up to more time to do ______ together.

Starting Monday and running through the end of the year, we’ll help you fill in that blank. We’ve come up with 10 days worth of active options guaranteed to both bond the clan and tucker them out. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming next week:

Monday: Go paddling
Tuesday: Hit your neighborhood park
Wednesday: Climb the walls
Thursday: Take a (guided) hike
Friday: Go for an (educated) walk

2 thoughts on “Coming up: Holiday Escapes”

  1. Nice meeting you on the Bartram Trail Saturday. I checked you out and you were modest by saying you had written a book. You’ve written many! Great day for hiking. Hope you had fun on your trip.

    1. Hi Martha,
      It was nice meeting you and the rest of the club as well. Hope your hike turned out as great as ours did. I’ll be writing about it just after the first of the year.

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