90 Second Escape: Rainy winter’s day in the woods

Monday — never an easy time for the outdoors enthusiast. After a weekend of adventure, returning to the humdrum work-a-day world can make one melancholy. To help ease the transition, every Monday we feature a 90 Second Escape — essentially, a 90-second video of a place you’d probably rather be: a trail, a park, a greenway, a lake … anywhere as long as it’s not under a fluorescent bulb.

Today’s 90-Second Escape: Rainy winter’s day in the woods

A wet, gray winter’s day used to bum me out. Then I got some decent rain gear and discovered being in the woods on a wet, gray winter’s day may be my favorite time to be in the woods. There’s a certain coziness to having the forest to yourself; it’s quiet, the clouds and wet muffling the world beyond the trail; and the wet spruces up an otherwise drab winter forest by making the occasional greens sparkle and giving a glittery effect to the forest floor’s leaf litter.

This morning, unable to face a wet, gray Monday morning in the office, I instead headed out to the Eno and took a 5-mile hike. The rest of the day back in the office hasn’t seemed nearly so drab and wet.

Tag along for 90 seconds and see if it doesn’t work for you as well.

* * *

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