Let the night hiking begin!

When we head down the trail, one of our goals is to head out of our lives. Not that we’re escaping ourselves — necessarily. Rather, the parts of our life — the social media babble, the job, a demanding cat — from which we need a break. Curious that we seek to escape by heading somewhere so open and exposed. Even curiouser that it’s so effective. read more

GetOut! Your Friday Nudge for Weekend Adventure

A person could get used to this weather, no? Temperatures in the 70s, sunny skies, crisp, dry air … . Just the incentive for getting out in the wild. We have some thoughts on the subject of where you might explore this weekend — and suggestions for where you can find more options. Just be sure to get out and enjoy! read more

Escapes to fit your adventure needs

We hate to hike alone. 

So when a scant few sign up for a hike or trip — or worse, no one shoes up at the trailhead — we try hard to figure out why this particular hike didn’t resonate. More importantly, we try to figure out what might.

For instance, the past couple of years we noticed that attendance for our backpacking trips dropped markedly in fall, the prime time for being in the backcountry in the Southeast: cool temperatures, dry air, fall color. After asking around we learned something that should have been obvious: come September, most folks have burned through their vacation time. “I’d love to do a trip in the fall. I just don’t have the time,” was a popular response. read more

Fall evicts Summer this weekend; here’s where to hike

In case you haven’t seen the forecast for this weekend, fall finally arrives. After summer’s last stand (hopefully), we’re looking at daytime temperatures in the 70s in the Piedmont, in the 60s in the mountains, ideal for finally getting out and enjoying some fall hiking. read more

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