Here’s who’s leading you into the woods (and why)

When you show up at the trailhead for one of our GetHiking! hikes or GetBackpacking! trips or classes, how do you know you can trust your leader? Here’s one instance that makes a case for our team.

Last fall we led a three-day backpack trip into Linville Gorge Wilderness. Perhaps the most challenging trip we offer, it includes two significant river crossings and some rigorous, riotous rock scrambling in the unmarked gorge. We’d vetted all of the backpackers and knew they were up to the task. read more

GetOut! Your Nudge to get out this weekend

Yeah, it’s still hot. But over the past couple of weeks we’ve had delightful dalliances with low humidity. Low meaning less than 50 percent, but low enough to put a little bounce in your step. This weekend, we hope to help you get the most of that bounce with a suggestion or two on what you can do. read more

Finding new places for you to explore

“You’re hiking where? I’ve never heard of that trail.”

It’s one of our favorite things to hear, because it means we’re meeting one of our key goals: leading you into the unknown. Sure, we hike a lot of trails more than once, and for good reason: they’re worth it. Our Charlotte group goes to South Mountains State Park regularly, our Charlottesville crew loves the Jones Run/Doyles River Circuit in the Shenandoah National Park. And with 120 miles of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail running through the Triangle, I’ve lead a goodly number of hikes on the statewide path along the Eno River and the south shore of Falls Lake.  read more

GetOut! Your Nudge for Weekend Adventure

After a teasing blast of fall early in the week, we’re back to the realities of July in the Southeast this weekend. Not a bad thing, just something to take into account as you plan your weekend. We share our thoughts on what might make for a grand weekend of adventure below. read more

Take a paddle break from the returning heat

That fall reprieve we just had sure was nice. One day it didn’t get out of the 70s. One morning I stepped out and it was 52. In three days I did six hikes.
Then, this morning I woke up and it was not 52 degrees and the humidity was not 20 percent. I still took my morning half-hour hike, but I found my thoughts had strayed …
To paddling.
We haven’t talked about paddling lately. Truth be told, I’ve gotten out of practice. I had both my kayaks out over Father’s Day, but for the benefit of others. I haven’t personally dipped a paddle since … well, it’s been too long.
To get back in the spirit, I’ve pulled some videos of paddle trips past. Don’t worry: there’s no rambling dialogue, no waxing, not much audio at all. Each is mercifully short, just 90 seconds of paddling from 10 different spots. And while some of the footage looks like it was shot in the 1940s on a Bell+Howell Super 8, it’s all within the last six years. Stick around to the bottom of the column and find information about paddling the spots you’ve seen.
Who knows, maybe the next time we see you it’ll be on a blue trail. read more

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