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This weekend: A festive farewell to summer

It’s the last weekend of summer (the season officially cedes to fall next Wednesday). Give it a fitting sendoff in Wilmington by tubing 900 (or maybe 1,000) feet through downtown; by  celebrating the Catawba River at Lake James State Park; or by checking out the last in cool outdoor gear in Asheville. Coast So here’s a thing that’s happening around the country and comes to Wilmington Sunday: Slide the City….

Gear regret: A leashed-pig missed

If I wasn’t cheap, you’d be looking at a picture of a pig on a leash. A quick tale of gear regret in the hopes it may help you avoid the same. For the past two years, I’ve been coveting a pair of trail running shorts. But as is my parsimonious practice when it comes to gear, I tend to wait until a thing has been marked down. Then marked…

Gear I use: Headlamps

I love to do stuff in the dark. I also love to see what I’m doing when I do stuff in the dark. Thus, over the years I’ve become a fan of powerful headlamps — powerful headlamps that don’t cost a powerful lot. Actually, “powerful” isn’t always what I need. When I’m mountain biking, yes. I like a torch that maintains a solid, wide, bright beam: At 20 miles per…

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Dress for the weekend mess

The forecast for this weekend? Wet. And cold. Here in the Triangle, the high is expected to drop from a high near 80 today to 57 on Saturday, with a 50 percent chance of rain. Sunday, the high is only supposed to hit the mid-30s, with a 70 percent chance of “wintry mix.” The outlook is similar in Charlotte, the Triad, and the Asheville area. We understand your reluctance to…

Why don’t you hike with poles?

My favorite correspondent reported in from Colorado that she’d been hiking an area known as the hogback, a geologic formation that constitutes a precursor to the foothills of the Front Range. Having once lived near the hogback, she knew that in itself would interest me. Then she sweetened the pot. “A lot of the hikers were using hiking poles,” she said. And no, she confirmed, they weren’t all older hikers….

Gearing up

I’ve never been into gear reviews, in part because there are so many out there. I’m not about to switch gears and spend a lot of time on gear; I do, however, realize the value of chatting up a good piece of gear when I find it. So today, we launch Gearing Up, a new feature in which we, well, chat up a good piece of gear that we’ve found….