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News from your neighborhood statewide trail

The emailroom here at GGNC gets inundated with enewsletters, and frankly, most are enews in ename only: most are eblabla. The staff is instructed to throw most in the circular efile.

The January 2010 enewsletter from the Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail is an exception, chock full of news on several fronts. We’ll get to those fronts in a moment, but for the benefit of those of you not familiar with the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, a quick introduction is in order. The MST is a work-in-progress trail that will one day span the state, running from Clingman’s Dome on the Tennessee border to Jockey’s Ridge State Park, where North Carolina gives it up to the Atlantic. The trail is estimated to run about 1,000 miles when done. About half of it is finished, volunteer work crews are adding more monthly, which is enewsnugget No. 1 from this months Friends newsletter: read more

A weather reprieve, a call to action

OK, I’ve heard enough kvetching of late about the weather. Or did I mean to say I’ve done enough kvetching of late about the weather? Either way, the weather of late has been less than inviting.

However, as it is wont to do, the forecast that midweek called for rain and cold throughout the weekend has changed. Today is now supposed to be sunny and seasonal. Based on the tinge of early morning sunlight I see over the treetops, it appears to be illuminating a near-cloudless sky: Bravo to the new forecast. And since the forecast still calls for rain tomorrow, it’s imperative that we make the most of today and get out and move. A suggestion or five: read more

Next weekend, long hike

If you’re a hiker who’s been sidelined by the cold and snow, you must be looking at the warmer forecast for this week, licking your chops and thinking, “I’ve got a lot to make up for.” Well, next weekend there are opportunities aplenty for making up. So you like to hike 20 or so miles in a month? How about covering it all in a day? Your options … . read more

Weekend plans? (Other than freezing?)

Not sure about you, but sometimes when the temperature isn’t supposed to get much above freezing I need a little extra incentive to get out and get going. Like Saturday’s “Kickoff to a Healthy New Year” event planned for  the American Tobacco Trail in southern Wake County. They’ve got all sorts of events planned to keep you warm. Rex UNC Health Care will offer free health screenings, nutrition advice and — this is the part that’ll keep you warm — exercises. Wake County Parks will lead guided nature walks, the Triangle Off Road Cyclists will lead guided bike rides, Harmony Studios in Apex will lead a Yoga demo (alas, not Bikram),  the NC Geocachers will lead a search and discover mission — all kinds of ways to keep … well, from freezing. read more