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This weekend: A weekend of last chances

Need another triathlon before the season ends? We’ve got one? Another century ride? Got one of those, too, in the mountains, no less. And if you’re just into a good time with food, music and water, water everywhere, we’ve got that covered as well. read more

This weekend: a Labor of Fun

Water is the theme this Labor Day weekend, with a 5K you can jump into a lake after finishing, a festival that lets you take your chances on Class III water in a boat you build, and a triathlon that kicks off with a swim in a 72-degree mountain lake. read more

Give a little, get a lot


The highlight of my weekend: handing a bottle of water to someone.

Close second: taking an hour to clear a two-foot wide, 15-foot-long swath of forest.

Slow weekend?


Not long ago I decided I should become more giving to the various outdoors communities I benefit from. I’ve written three books about hiking trails, so that seemed a good place to start. And last week I got a Facebook message from a bike team I once belonged to asking for help. Why not? I thought. read more

Sage Rountree: A dozen thoughts for novice triathletes

Sage Rountree enlightens a wrapt audience on the basics of triathlon Thursday evening at Great Outdoor Provision Co.'s Cameron Village store.

“For how many of you is this your first triathlon?” Sage Rountree asked the 70 or so women who had shown up for last night’s informational meeting on the Ramblin’ Rose women-only triathlon series.

Nearly every hand shot up.
Predictable, but a good thing considering Rountree’s presentation was a Triathlon 101 primer for newbies. Of course, Rountree being perhaps the Triangle’s best-known and accomplished trainer/coach/yoga practitioner, she likely would have done fine had nary a hand gone up.
So, what does a first-time female triathlete need to know? Here are a dozen thoughts on the subject from Rountree. read more

This weekend: Sprint tri, mud run, mountain 5k

Cold! Cold! Cold!

A little behind in ticking off your 2012 resolutions? This weekend gives you a chance to knock off a sprint tri, a mud run or a 5K.


A sprint triathlon isn’t the kind of thing you decide to do at the last minute. Unless … . Unless, for instance, you’ve had an active year but thought your season was over in September. Then, suddenly, you hear about a sprint tri this Saturday at Emerald Isle. Or unless one of your resolutions for the year was to do a sprint tri and here it is mid-October and you still haven’t done one. Or unless you don’t have plans for the weekend and a swim/bike/run at the coast sounds fun. read more