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Joe, left, with hikers Mike, Robin and Jennifer.

Joe, left, with hikers Mike, Robin and Jennifer.

GetHiking! is an element of, a health and fitness blog founded in 2009 by Joe Miller with the support of BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina. The GetHiking! Program is an outgrowth of Joe’s 20 years of writing about active living coupled with his experience as a hiking coach for CureSearch for Children’s Cancer’s Ultimate Hike program. Here’s more on Joe’s background.

Hiking coach/recruiter, Ultimate Hike, 2011 to 2014. Joe was responsible for training and conditioning hikers to cover 28.1 miles of mountain terrain in one day as part of this fundraising program for CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. Some participants had previous hiking experience, but most were newcomers drawn by the personal physical challenge of hiking more than a marathon on rugged mountain trails. The 12-week program includee bi-weekly hikes of increasing distance and difficulty, a cross-training program, weekly e-newsletter with hiking tips, 24/7 e-mail coaching access and trail support on hike day.
Mentor, Fit-tastic 0 to 5K program, Capital RunWalk, 2011. Joe assisted with this 12-week program that trains non-runners to run a 5K.

Founder, 2013 to present. Joe is the founder of the beginner-friendly GetHiking! program, which has more than 3,000 members in the Triangle, Triad and Charlotte, and in Greenville, through the GetExploring! program. Hikes in the program are lead from the back, insuring that no hiker gets dropped (meanwhile, hikers at the front are given the opportunity to improve their wayfinding skills.) Another key goal of the program is to expose hikers to trails they may not be familiar with.

Founder, 2014 to present. Joe also created the GetBackpacking! program, a four-week program designed to take folks new to the activity and turn them into confident backpackers. The program consists of three training sessions, each focused on a specific skill (gear and packing, setting up and breaking down camp, cooking and nutrition) and with progressively longer hikes. The program culminates in a three-day, two-night graduation trip to the mountains.

Hiking and outdoor adventure writer
Author, 1998 to present. Joe has written three books on hiking/backpacking: “Take It Outside: A Guide to Hiking in the Triangle” (The News & Observer, 1998); “100 Classic Hikes in North Carolina” (The Mountaineers press, 2007); and “Backpacking North Carolina” (UNC Press, 2011). A fourth book, “Adventure Carolinas,” a guide to adventure sports in North and South Carolina from UNC Press was published in spring 2014.
Outdoor Adventure Columnist, The News & Observer, July 1995-December 2005. Joe wrote Take It Outside, a weekly outdoor adventure column appearing in the paper’s Friday weekend entertainment section and Sunday Travel section. The column covered a range of pursuits, from hiking, backpacking and trail running to cycling, paddling and scuba diving.

Health and fitness writer, owner and sole content provider, 2009-present. is a health and fitness blog launched with the sponsorship from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. The blog’s goal is to inform North Carolinians about the benefits of active living and to help them find the activity — or activities — right for them.
Health and fitness writer, The News & Observer, January 2006-March 2008. Joe wrote about health and fitness issues, primarily for the paper’s daily features section.


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    I am interested in signing up. Please let me know what I need to do. Mark Lockwood

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      Hey Mark — Go to our Meetup Site and sign up!


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