GetHiking! Corporate Wellness Program: Spring 2017

Hiking at Umstead: Sycamore Trail

At the end of most 9-week fitness programs, you’re ready to move on to something else; with GetHiking!, the end is just the beginning. Hiking is an activity that benefits you both physically and emotionally, and it’s an activity that most of us can do late into life. With the skills and knowledge developed here, hikers emerge with the confidence to take on any trail, in the Triangle, in the state, around the world. Here’s how GetHiking! works:

  • 8-week program, running March 14 through May 4. Sixteen hikes in all.
  • Two hikes a week. We will hike every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. For convenience sake, most of our hikes will be at Umstead State Park, but we will do up to four hikes on other nearby trail. Hikes will begin at 5:30 and run until just before sunset. We will hike anywhere from 2 to 5 miles.
  • First wildflower sighting of the season, on Feb. 11!

    No drop policy. This is a beginner-friendly program, with all hikes lead from the rear. That eliminates one of the beginner’s biggest fears: being left alone in the woods. It’s also good for the faster hikers: we go over the route before each hike, so you should feel comfortable forging ahead.

  • Weekly enewsletter. Each week, hikers will receive an enewsletter that includes hiking tips, resources, advice on gear, a recap of the previous week’s hike (with photos) and information on that week’s hikes, including maps and hiking directions. The latter is intended to serve as a permanent resource so hikers can return and hike the trails on their own.
  • Family friendly. Registered participants can bring their kids, age 17 and under, at no charge.
    Incentives. Prizes in the form of gift cards and gear will be awarded the three hikers who hike the most miles over the 9-week program and to the three hikers who attend the most hikes.
  • C'mon, get happy!

    Learn local, regional and statewide trails. While our spring hikes are limited to the trails in and around Umstead State Park, you will receive a guide to 25 Trails in the Triangle, as well as access to additional hikes in our GetHiking! and Hike NC! programs.

  • Guide to Hiking. Each hiker receives a guide to hiking, which includes 1) Guide to basic hiking gear, 2) Learn the the lingo — a dictionary of key hiking terms, 3) What’s in your daypack, 4) Guide to 25 Trails in the Triangle.
  • Cost: $60 per employee per session. However ...
  • Gift card. ... you'll get $25 of that back in the form of a gift card from Great Outdoor Provision Co.
  • Long-term support. Keep hiking after our 8-week program on weekly hikes offered through our GetHiking! Triangle Meetup and Hike NC!

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Interested in the GetHiking! Corporate Wellness program for you company? Contact Joe Miller at or  919.791.6155

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