Hiking the Mountains-to-Sea Trail at Falls Lake.

Hiking the Mountains-to-Sea Trail at Falls Lake.

GetHiking! is a program aimed at getting you out on the trail and discovering North Carolina's diverse natural areas on foot. We provide tips on the gear you need to get started, and we offer various programs taking you into the woods.

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GetHiking! Gear: What You Need

GetHiking! 10 Daypack Essentials

GetHiking! Local Meetup programs

GetHiking! Corporate Wellness Program

GetHiking! Health Benefits

GetHiking! Leadership

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  1. Kathleen Osinski says:

    I need to get improve cardiovascular and muscular strength. Having been on some of the hikes with Joe, I hope to do just that.

    • JoeMiller says:

      Hi Kathleen! The hikes are great for both and I'm glad you're getting out with us. Check with me and I can help you with what you can do between hikes to further help with cardio and strength training. We'll focus on the fun, the practical and what you like to do.


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