Hiking Guide to North Carolina

Chapel Hill, Eno River

Summer is in its waning days, the temperature is having trouble getting much past 80 during the day and is slipping below 60 at night. The air is dry, the sky clear, the bugs are being kept at bay.

It’s fall hiking season. But where to hike?

If you live in one of seven major North Carolina cities, GetGoingNC has solved your dilemma. Actually, GetGoingNC and Great Outdoor Provision Co. have joined forces to solve your dilemma.

Today, we launch a joint effort intended to help you find places to get out and play in all sorts of ways. Because it is the start of the fall hiking season, we’re starting with hiking. GetGoingNC has identified five great hikes in or near each of Great Outdoor Provision Co.'s seven markets: Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh, Wilmington and Winston-Salem. We’ve written up descriptions of each location and provided all the information you need — location, directions, route details and more — to plan and execute your hike.

You can find the hikes in one of two ways. One, since you’re already here at GetGoingNC.com, go to the bar on the left side of the home page and click “Hiking.” A drop-down menu will appear showing you the seven markets. Click on the market of your choice and you’ll be given quick descriptions of each hike. Click on a hike you’re interested in and you’ll be whisked over to the Great Outdoor Provision Co. Web site where the

Charlotte, Crowder's Mountain

descriptions will live. Your other option: go directly to the GOPC site. (Our collaboration is part of a larger group effort involving the new Roots Rated Web site, which I wrote about last week.)

We’re starting with hiking. By the end of this month we’ll be adding five flat water paddling destinations for each market. In October, we’ll add trail running and climbing, and in November whitewater paddling and fishing. More may follow.

The locations selected reflect a joint effort by GetGoingNC and Great Outdoor Provision. I come up with a preliminary list of locations, I then send that list to GOPC, which submits the recommendations to the appropriate market. There, it’s gone over by the local GOPC staff. Something to know about the people who work at Great Outdoor Provision: they aren’t exactly in it for the money. Rather, they have a passion for the outdoors and a resulting knowledge that they are only too glad to share. They get out a lot and they

Wilmington, Carolina Beach

know their terrain better than anyone. You’re getting recommendations from the people who know the most about their locale and the best places to be outside.

So, check out our list, pencil one of our hikes in for the weekend.

Fall is in the air. Take advantage with a hike.

* * *

Find a city, take a hike

* Hike Chapel Hill.
* Hike Charlotte.
* Hike Greensboro.
* Hike Greenville.
* Hike Raleigh.
* Hike Wilmington.
* Hike Winston-Salem.

* * *

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  2. David Gardener says:

    Please add the Uwharrie Trail as a good hiking location. It is 22.5 miles from trail head on Hwy 24/27 west of Troy to Jump Off Rock Trail Head on Flint Hill Rd. Can also hike a new section north from Jump Off Rock. Contact me if you want a neat medal to remember this hike

    • JoeMiller says:

      Great suggestion, David. The Uwharrie Recreation Trail will be included in the list of 25 great hikes in North Carolina that we will post, appropriately, on the first day of spring, March 20.

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