Hiking: Winston-Salem

Looking for a hike in the Winston-Salem area? Here are five options. Click "here" for more information.

Blue Ridge Parkway: Doughton Park
The best hiking the Blue Ridge escarpment has to offer
Length: 30 miles (with various loop options)
Difficulty: easy to strenuous
More info here

Hanging Rock State Park: Moores Wall Loop
Escape the crowds and get a better view in the process
Length: 4.2 miles (18 miles total in the park)
Difficulty: Strenuous
More info here

Pilot Mountain State Park: Ledge Spring/Jomokee Loop Trail
A hike above it all
Length: 2.8 miles (25 miles in park total)
Difficulty: moderate
More info here

Salem Lake Trail
An in-town escape and training center
Length: 7 miles
Difficulty: easy to moderate (length)
More info here

Stone Mountain State Park: Stone Mountain Loop Trail
Great hiking, on trail or off
Length: 4.5 miles (16 total miles in park)
Difficulty: strenuous
More info here

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  1. Ken says:

    Don't forget Horizons Park just outside the city on the NW side. Very pleasant 2.5 miles woodland path, lots of terrain. If you keep a quick pace you can do it in an hour.


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