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Choosing a 5K from a chunk of options

Tomorrow, I turn 55. In observation, I’ve decided that my year in fitness should revolve around the number 55. Since I dabble in running, I’ve decided one of my goals will be to run 11 5Ks, the logic being: 11 races x 5K = 55(K). But which 11 5Ks to do? It was a decision that became more difficult as I looked around and discovered just how many 5Ks there…

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N.C. State Parks gets an app

Say you’re driving through the Triad, you have some time on your hands and you think, “Hmm, I wonder if there’s a state park around here where I could do some rock climbing?” Used to be you’d have to be content to keep driving, keep wondering. Now, there’s an app for that. The N.C. Parks Department this morning unveiled its Pocket Ranger app for iPhones and Droids that answers such…

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Saturday on Durham’s greenways: A ride half full

Organized greenway rides such as Saturday’s 28-miler in Durham celebrating the East Coast Greenway Alliance’s relocation to Durham showcase these valuable community assets — and underscore how we need more of them. If that sounds familiar, I wrote essentially the same thing after last year’s Cross Triangle Greenway ride recognizing the region’s growing greenway network. Saturday’s ride was intended as the official open house for the East Coast Greenway Alliance…

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Wake up and hike

I bolted upright, wide awake, at 4:45, 15 minutes before the alarm was scheduled to do its ugly business. In 10 minutes I was dressed, had my daypack packed, poured a mug of coffee and was ready to go. I wasn’t my usual morning self. But then, on this morning I wasn’t going about my usual morning routine. For the past several years, my friend Alan and I have attempted…

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Ride, ride, ride, hitch on to a ride*

No matter where you plan to be in North Carolina this weekend, you can hook up with a good bike ride. Piedmont Often when you move into new digs there’s so much going on you don’t have time to throw an open house. A couple months may pass before it dawns on you, “Oh, yeah … .” That’s sorta the case with the East Coast Greenway Alliance. In February, the…

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Adult swim: It’s never too late to learn

I wrote the following story for The News & Observer and Charlotte Observer, where it appeared May 2. It appears here with links. Their parents didn’t swim. A traumatic event involving water in their childhood continues to haunt them. There wasn’t a pool where they grew up — or there was, but they couldn’t use it. They worry about their hair. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,…

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Lose more weight? Start interval training

When most people think of interval training — if they think of it at all — they think of an intense regimen reserved for competitive types. Distance runners heading to the track once a week to work on speed (evidenced by the Swedish fartlek approach that came into vogue here in the 1970s), cyclists working 30-second county-line sprints into their 3-hour rides, swimmers who periodically inject a speed lap into…

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From on high, five tips for healthy living

It was a weekend-long conversation that I found both fascinating and frustrating. The four of us — Alan, Lois, Grace and I — were backpacking Easter weekend on top of Virginia, in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. If there’s an activity that lends itself to long, extended conversations, it’s backpacking. You wake together, you have breakfast together, you hike all day together, you have dinner together, you crawl into…

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A festive weekend is on tap

On this spring weekend, take a serene paddle or work up a sweat at a festival. Coast Warmer weather means more paddling opportunities. Saturday’s three-hour guided kayak trip down the Lumber River, for instance. Bring sunscreen, drinking water, a snack “and any other necessary items,” says trip organizer Eric Siratt, a ranger with Lumber River State Park. It’s free, but space is limited for this trip that shoves off from…

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Finding more greenways in North Carolina

Last week, we published a list of municipalities in North Carolina that we knew had greenways. Turns out there was a lot we didn’t know. Since we published that list we’ve heard from an additional 14 municipalities with greenways, from Whiteville’s four greenways totaling a mile in length to Rocky Mount’s 7-mile system to Pinehurst’s 11-mile. Not only we’re we pleasantly surprised that so many municipalities in North Carolina have…

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