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Weekend plans? Three days for adventure

Memorial Day weekend: Three days to get out and explore, three options for doing just that. Coast Despite its name, George Washington once referred to the Dismal Swamp as a “glorious paradise.” If you’ve only driven past, the rationale behind President Washington’s praise may escape you. But plunge into its lush depths on a kayak and the father of our country’s reasoning will be perfectly clear. You’ll have a chance…

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Whitewater rafting: a 90-Second Escape

Friday, I wrote about visiting the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte. Today, we’ll take a virtual, vicarious raft trip on the center’s concrete river via the first of GetGoingNC.com’s new video series of 90-Second Escapes. Enjoy the trip.

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The Gladiator inducts 776

The Triangle’s inaugural obstacle-infested 5K, the Gladiator, went off today at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary. Some 776 runners made the passage into Gladiatordom, battling through a gauntlet of tires, crawling under a camo tarp (barbed wire was deemed too dangerous; the Town of Cary also nixed running through a fire pit and that bane of grade school playgrounds everywhere, monkey bars), hoisting over a cargo net wall, walking a…

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Find your passion at the Whitewater Center

I’m a big believer in the notion that if you find your fitness passion, you’ll have no problem staying in shape. Trouble is, it can take a while to find that passion, especially in the outdoor adventure arena. It can take a while, but it doesn’t have to. Not when you can do nearly all your searching in one spot. Like the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte. Despite its…

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This weekend, earn your Gladiator stripes

There’s a bike ride in the east, a biathlon in the west, and a survivalist 5K in between this weekend in North Carolina. Coast The northeast corner of North Carolina may be the best-suited part of the state for cycling: two-lane country roads meandering past forest and cotton fields with little automotive traffic to compete with. Yet how often do you find yourself riding a bike there? Not very, I’m…

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Running from old age

This morning while in the car and listening to the BBC World Service I was reminded of why I like to run. The story was about a study revolving around two questions: At what age do you you consider yourself to be old? At what age do you stop considering yourself to be young? The question was put to people in several countries and the results differed wildly depending upon…

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One man’s carrot …

Last week I wrote about the need for carrots as incentive to work out. Kate Dixon writes to agree — sorta. “I ran a 5K in Raleigh on May 1st called Race of Grace,” writes Dixon, who when she’s not running is executive director of the Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. “The prizes are cakes home baked by members of the churches that organize the race. Anyway, I have never been so…

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You can't outrun your competitive side

I was momentarily discombobulated when they couldn’t find my registrastion, recovered when they granted me an-on-the-spot sponsor exemption, then rediscombobulated when I was standing at the starting line with less than a minute to go and realized I’d never gotten a timing chip. Well, rats, I thought. The race won’t count. It wasn’t the first time I’d confronted my competitive … ness. To call it a problem would suggest it’s,…

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Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge: Another reason to ride

I am rudderless — unless I have a goal. Stick a carrot in front of me and I can usually get it done. Case in point: earlier this year I vowed to start using my bike more for utilitarian purposes. To date, I believe I’ve gone for coffee on it twice. Appalling as that is, it became even more so when I pulled up a map of everything within a…

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This weekend: Hike, bike, spike

It’s a weekend that needs no introduction … . Coast Can it already be competitive 2-on-2 beach volleyball season? Yes it can, apparently, at least in Emerald Isle where the “2v2 Beach Volleyball Tournament – Summer Series” will be in full swing Saturday morning. Competition begins at 9, runs until noon, at the Western Ocean Regional Access. Fee is $55 per team, players must be 16 or older and pre-registration…

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