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Your weekend: Make fall a labor of fun


Labor Day has come and gone, the summer with it. Now, we get down to the serious business of fall fun in North Carolina!

Coast | Coastal Plain

There’s something romantic about an open-water swim in the ocean: riding the swells, being buoyed by the salt water, sharing space with all manner of aquatic life. read more

Your Weekend: Celebrate, take a dive, forage

It’s Cliffs of the Neuse State Park’s turn to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the North Carolina State Parks system this weekend, with everything from a paddle to a fun run to an interpretive hike. Or, you can forage in a forest or take a dive. read more

This weekend: Go with the snow

Planning for the weekend is good. Foremost, it gives you something to pull you through those long mid-week meetings at the Widgetworks.
Sometimes, though, you can only have a rough plan. When the forecast calls for anywhere from 3 to 6 to 8 to 12 inches of snow. Or maybe rain. Or maybe something in between. In such cases, the best you can do is prepare for the somewhat more likely possibilities.
With the weather in mind, we don’t give you specific ideas of what to do and where to go this week. Rather, we throw out some options and a thought or two on how you can prepare, and let you go from there. read more

2015: Hike in the New Year

First Day Hike at Carvers Creek State Park (photo courtesy of N.C. State Parks).
First Day Hike at Carvers Creek State Park (photo courtesy of N.C. State Parks).

We all resolve to be healthier and more active at the start of the new year. What we don’t always realize is that a healthier lifestyle is a day-by-day undertaking.

That said, get your first day of your active new year off to a good start with a hike. Hiking is one of the more traditional ways to start the blood flowing on January 1. (Jumping into an icy lake is another; we’ve tried that and don’t recommend it if you intend to keep the blood flowing.) Fortunately, there are lots of hike options on New Year’s Day, thanks to the First Day Hikes initiative launched a few years back by the nation’s state parks. read more

This weekend: Plunge into 2015 (then dry off and take a hike)


Start the year with a traditional polar plunge at the coast, then head to higher, drier and warmer ground for a hike.


We would be remiss if, in this New Year’s edition of Weekend Plans, we didn’t include at least one polar plunge, that peculiar tradition born in the north where we strip down to our skivvies and immerse ourselves in water that hasn’t frozen over — though in some northern climes the tradition requires drilling a hole through the frozen-over lake surface, then jumping in. An impressive level of lunacy. read more