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This weekend: Bundle up and learn something

Carvers Creek State Park (photo courtesy North Carolina State Parks)

Temperatures across the state this weekend are generally forecast to stay in the 40s under mostly sunny skies. Ideal weather, in our view, for getting out and learning a little about the world around us. Courtesy of North Carolina State Parks, we bring you three options for doing just that. (And you can find more at the State Parks website.)
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This weekend is for the birds

With the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count in full swing we’ve got birds on the mind this weekend. For birders, amateurs and experienced alike, it’s an especially good time to do the count: Migrants from northern climes are descending upon the state, particularly the coastal part, to wait out the winter months, adding even more variety to the state’s mix. And, as it turns out, it’s an especially good time for birding programs. read more

This weekend: Save a turtle, celebrate a squirrel (or eat one)


We’re going with an animal theme this week. Turtles at the coast, bears and other hearty survivors in the mountains … and would you believe we’re celebrating the squirrel in the Piedmont?


Ever been walking along the coast and come across an area marked off with yellow tape? Holy crustacean killing! you think. Actually, the area has probably been roped off to protect a sea turtle nest. Sea turtles are revered at the coast and you can find out why this Saturday and Sunday when the rangers at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area talk turtle at Turtle Talk. Some of the critter’s mysteries will be unveiled and you can find out more about the conservation effort behind that yellow tape. read more

Moving a million couch potatoes

How do you get a million couch potatoes off their sectionals and into their Sauconys?

That’s the challenge BeActive North Carolina is taking on the first of the year when it launches its “One Million, More Active, More Often” program.

Despite the fact it’s been around since 1991, you may not be familiar with BeActive NC.  It was founded with a grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina with the goal of motivating Tarheels to move more. You may not have heard of them because they mostly work with the middleman, helping community agencies implement programs intended to get us moving. A tall ask in a state where nearly 50 percent of the kids and more than 50 percent of adults don’t get the minimum amount of physical activity they need. Those statistics — and the ripple effect in related medical costs, labor loss and reduced quality of life related to being overweight and in poor shape — are driving BeActive’s campaign to reach more people. read more