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Searching for a step up

Jeff and his stair-running weights.

I’m always on the lookout for a quick, effective workout. To share with you, my faithful readers, of course. But mainly for me. This morning, I may have struck gold.

Once or twice a week for the last decade, I’ve done an early morning mountain bike ride at Umstead State Park with my buddy Alan Nechemias. We ride the bridal trail network, sometimes throwing in some adjacent singletrack. We ride for an hour and a half to two hours, usually put in 20 to 25 miles. It’s a great workout. read more

Triathlon support groups help you try one, or get better at it

Triathlete Lance Armstrong. Word is he's strong on the bike.

In today’s Charlotte Observer and The News & Observer, I write about a Charlotte group (about to expand into the Triangle) called TriItForLife. The nonprofit’s goal is to take not particularly active women and make triathletes out of them. In six years, it’s produced more than 700 triathletes. But it is limited to women and until next year, only those in the Charlotte area. So what are the rest of us supposed to do? read more

Your next race: train hot, train consistently, take a calculator

News from the lab coat world that could aid your performance:

Hot workouts, cool results: You know this blazing hot, record-setting summer we just endured? The one when every workout seemed like it was taking place in an equatorial rain forest under a sunlamp? If you gutted out your summer workouts, you should be an animal in fall’s cooler weather. read more

Fall goals: Set ‘em now

I was noodling around the internet a couple nights back when I came upon the the Second Empire Grand-Prix 2010 Fall Series. I started checking the races in the eight-part series, then thought, “What am I doing? I need to focus on my summer goals (a half marathon, a mountain century bike ride) before I can even start thinking about the fall. read more