Winston-Salem | Salem Lake/Salem Creek/Strollway trails

12.6 miles

A classic urban/sylvan escape, this network gives you a taste of downtown Winston-Salem, a taste of the woods surrounding Salem Lake, a taste of history at Old Salem and a taste of what must be half the parks — Reynolds, Civitan, Washington — in town.

The 6.8-mile natural surface trail around linear Salem Lake is smooth (save for a tree root or rock that may surprise you from the shadows) and suitable for most bikes, including kids. That trail connects on the west end with the Salem Creek Trail, which connects the lake and three parks, and ties into the Strollway, a 1.2-mile paved (with small stones; like a cobblestone path for bikes) that ends in downtown Winston-Salem.

Make a day of the network, or take advantage of various access points to explore specific sections.

Winston-Salem | Salem Lake/Salem Creek/Strollway Highlights

Length: 12.6 miles
Length by section: Salem Lake Trail, 6.8 miles; Salem Creek Greenway, 4.6 miles; Strollway, 1.2 miles.
Surface: Salem Lake is nearly all natural surface, albeit smooth and friendly to all but the skinniest road tires; Salem Creek is paved; Strollway is paved, the majority with small (1/2-inch) round stones imbedded in concrete.
Construction note: The Salem Lake dam is being renovated, with completion anticipated in spring 2012. Until then, the lake has been drained down 12 feet, making it more of a river in spots.
Old Salem: The Strollway goes through Old Salem, where the town’s origins dating back to the 19th century have been preserved and replicated. Lots to see, do, eat, buy.
In Downtown Winston-Salem: In addition to the aforementioned eateries mentioned on 4th Street, you’ll find opportunities to explore the arts, a Summer Music Series and minor league baseball in the new BB&T Ballpark.

Winston-Salem | Salem Lake Distances

Winston-Salem | Strollway Distances