GetHiking! Tuesday Night Hikes: Winter 2020-21 (family)


If winter makes you blue because the short days mean you can’t get in a mid-week after work hike, then chase those blues away with our GetHiking! Tuesday Night Hikes! Every other Tuesday, from Dec. 1 to February 23, we’ll hike 3 to 4 miles on a stretch of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail in the Triangle. Get your hike in and explore the trail in a whole new light!

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Winter: the one season when, with the sun setting as early as 5 p.m., the prospects for getting in an end-of-day hike are doomed. Or at least seem doomed. Because who says you need daylight to hike? For more than a decade, we’ve been turning Tuesday night into Hike Night, with every-other-week hikes on different sections of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. In this 8-hike series we will hike 8 stretches of the MST. Our hikes are in the 3- to 4-mile range, start at 6:30 p.m., and generally wrap up around 8 p.m. These are all out-and-back hikes; when we reach the turnaround point we  switch off our headlamps and take a minute to let our eyes adjust and appreciate the night.

It’s a great way to get in a mid-week winter hike, to avoid crowds — because hey, who hikes at night — and experience the natural world in a whole new light. Or, better yet, a lack thereof!

The Details

When: Every other Tuesday, beginning December 1 and ending February 28. We’ll start at 6:30 p.m. and finish around 8. 

Distance: The hikes are roughly 3 to 4 miles long.

Where: Each hike is at a different location on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail in the Triangle. The Monday before each hike you’ll be sent a reminder with detailed hike information.

Do I need a headlamp? Ideally, but if you don’t (or if you forget yours) we’ll have lots of loaners.

What all do I get? In addition to the 8 Night Hikes in the series, you’ll receive: 

  • Our 6-page Guide to Hiking at Night, including tips and strategies for navigating the dark. 
  • Weekly eguide to that week’s hike, including map, trail description, and more. 
  • Hot chocolate at the end of every hike. (And yes, marshmallows, too.)

Cost: $195 per family

The Schedule

December 1  Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Day-Hike Section G (Barton Creek Boat Ramp), Raleigh. 4.2 miles

December 15  Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Day-Hike Section M (Rollingview access), Durham. 3.6 miles

December 29  Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Day-Hike Section L (Rollingview access), Durham. 4.1 miles

January 12  Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Day-Hike Section D (Bayleaf Road access), Raleigh. 3.6 miles

January 26  Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Day-Hike Section Q (Hickory Hill Boat Ramp), Raleigh. 3.4 miles

January 26  Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Day-Hike Section R (Hickory Hill Boat Ramp), Raleigh. 3.2 miles

February 9   Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Day-Hike Section T (Red Mill Road access), Durham. 4.1 miles

February 23   Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Day-Hike Section J (NC 50 access), Raleigh. 3.4 miles

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