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outdoor skillsVenturing into the wild can be  daunting — if you aren’t equipped with the proper hiking and backpacking skills. If you veer off the trail, for instance, are you confident you can find your way back? Backpacking sounds like fun, but do you have the slightest idea how to get started? (Remember, you’re essentially venturing into the forest with a life support system on your back.) Even if you’re a somewhat experienced backpacker, how comfortable are you fording a moving stream, or navigating a wilderness? And while it’s the solitude of backpacking that appeals to you, how comfortable would you be going solo?

We have hiking and backpacking skills classes that will help you feel more confident and competent in the outdoors. And knowing what you’re doing out in the wild simply makes your experiences in nature that much more fun!

Check out our offerings, and let us make you more comfortable in the woods.

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