Skills Guide 10 Daypack Essentials


As you grow as a hiker and start hiking longer distances, it’s essential that your pack grow as well. Certain items are crucial to take with you as you spend more time on the trail. Our 10 Daypack Essentials lists the 10 items we deem most important to take with you — and explains why.


Osprey Comet daypack

As you become a more experienced and enthusiastic hiker, your days on the trail will get longer. When that happens, you’ll need to think about what’s vital to take with you to make sure your hike is both enjoyable — and safe.

Nutrition and water are important, even if you’re just hiking 2 or 3 miles. But it’s also important that you know where you are, and to know that you’re prepared for an emergency should one arise.

Our GetHiking! 10 Daypack Essentials covers the key items you should take on a day hike, and explains why they are important.


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