Skills Guide: Suitable Car Camping Substitutes


Going camping but don’t think you have the right gear? Our guide shows you how stuff you already have on hand can double as camp gear.


You’re intrigued by the idea of going camping, of the fresh air, of being surrounded by nature, of being detached from technology. Just one problem: no camping gear. And won’t it cost more than a week at a beach house to get geared up? ¬†Actually, no. You’d be surprised at how many things you already have around the house that can substitute nicely for camping gear, from your old pots and pans to retired blankets to your beach chairs. If you’re starting from scratch the only two things you may need to buy are a tent and a camp stove.

Our Car Camping: A Guide to Suitable Substitutes succinctly identifies the gear you’ll need for a hiking trip, and what you probably already have handy that can serve as a suitable substitute.


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