Triangle: Mountains-to-Sea Trail at Falls Lake: Day-Hike L


As the Mountains-to-Sea Trail’s popularity grows on its 120-mile passage through the Triangle, the 3.2-mile Day-Hike Section L in Durham County has managed to fly under the radar. That means quiet hiking on a trail exploring a 50-year-old forest.


This section of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail treats Falls Lake as a celebrity, of  sorts, allowing a tantalizing peek of the reservoir now and then, but largely avoiding direct contact. And that’s fine, because what you do get is quality time with a forest that’s nearly a half century into reestablishing itself. You’ll see subtle signs of its agricultural past: the occasional massive white oak and root cellar marking a long-gone homestead, an old dirt roadbed that linked farm to market. But mostly you’ll enjoy a rolling trail through a healthy hardwood forest.


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