Triangle: Eno River S.P. | Bobbit Hole and Cole Mill trails


Avoid the Eno River valley’s more challenging elements — steep climbs, technical trail — on this 2.7-mile loop hike from the Cole Mill Access.


Bobbit Hole

With more than 4,300 acres of land divided into five sections along it’s namesake river, Eno River State Park has five official access points and a bunch more they just as soon you didn’t know about. So when it comes to choosing where to explore along the Eno, it helps to know the personality of each section. The Cole Mill Access? Color me mellow, man.

This 2.7-mile loop utilizing the two trails on the access’s upstream side is ideal for those new to hiking and for outings with visiting kin. The guide includes a map, detailed route description, a video tour and and all the details you need for a successful hike, starting with how to get there.


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