Triangle: Brumley North Family Nature Preserve


Our GetHiking! Guide to the Triangle Land Conservancy’s Brumley North Family Nature Preserve provides all the information you need, from a map and route description, to pertinent details (like how to get there) to hike this 3.5-mile trail network on your own.


Got a friend you want to introduce to hiking and are eager to make an impression? The two things key to turning an aspiring hiker into an avid one are: 1) non-challenging terrain, and 2) scenery. Brumley North has both.

For starters, it’s likely the flattest 3.5 miles of hiking around. Some gentle inclines, but certainly no break-your-spirit climbs. As for scenery, there’s a bluff overlooking Stony Creek, several meadows, three farm ponds, a cedar forest, mature hardwoods, wetlands, an old cemetery — everything you could want in a Piedmont hike.

Our guide includes a trail map, detailed route description, video tour, details about the preserve (including how to get there), and an essay on the hiking experience.


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