Skills Guide: Hiking in the Rain


Bummed because it’s raining and you think that means you can’t hike? Think again. Our quick guide provides both the motivation and the strategy for making the next rainy day one you’ll embrace as a hiker.


We love to hike in the rain. Maybe we don’t prefer it, but we enjoy it all the same. Two reasons:

One, it’s a quiet and intimate experience. Good rain gear encases you in a protective pod protecting you from nature while providing access to a smaller but more intimate portion of it.

In the rain, surrounded by low clouds, your world is significantly reduced but considerably more focused. There is less to see, and there is more to see.

Reason two, and this is a big plus in these times of avoiding contact with others: not many people enjoy hiking in the rain. Why? I can only guess it’s because they don’t go into it prepared, and they don’t know what they’re missing.


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