Triangle: Umstead State Park | Sycamore Trail


Crossing a tributary of Sycamore Creek at Umstead State Park.

Explore the heart of Umstead State Park and avoid the crowds, with this 4.4-mile hike originating from a secluded trailhead.


Umstead’s Sycamore Trail on the cusp of spring

Love the idea of hiking at Umstead State Park on a spring or fall afternoon, but not crazy about dealing with the crowds? Crowds aren’t an issue at the bike & bridle trailhead off the US 70/Glenwood Avenue entrance. From this trailhead, you can access the park’s 13-mile B&B trail as well as the best single-track hiking in the park, on a 4.4-mile run of the Sycamore Trail. Everything you need to know to hike this tucked-away-gem is in this guide, from directions to the trailhead, to a detailed description of the hike, to a custom map.


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