Triangle: Seven Mile Creek Natural Area


Seven Mile Creek’s tucked-away location means that even on the most gorgeous spring and fall days, this 2-mile trail network won’t be overrun by hikers. The trail is friendly, and its scenic reward — including a visit to rocky Seven Mile Creek and passage through a towering hardwood forest — makes for a lovely outdoors escape.


Morning light at Seven Mile Creek

It’s remarkable, the gems that exist right under our noses that we don’t know about. I’d heard tell of Seven Mile Creek for several years, but my attempts to find it were thwarted — that’s what happens when a preserve is tucked away off a dirt road that’s fed by another dirt road that’s off a country two-lane. The search, it turns out, was well worth it.

Seven Mile Creek is a portion of the 366-acre Upper Eno Nature Preserve, farmland long ago gone fallow and now supporting a thriving forest accessed by about 2 miles of trail. It’s a short hike on foot-friendly trail down to rocky Seven Mile Creek, then lots of hiking through bottomland and upland woods that are especially enchanting in the early morning and late day light. Beginner-friendly trail throughout.


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