Triangle: MST at Penny’s Bend


Our guide to this 3-mile run of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail along the Eno River in Durham County includes an overview of the hike, key details (“key,” as in how to find the trailhead), a route description, map and video virtual visit. All the direction, and inspiration, you need to execute the hike on your own.


Hiking along the Eno River offers few opportunities to ramble and not pay much attention to the often rocky and rooty trail. Hiking the MST along the Eno from Penny’s Bend north is a different matter.  This is a largely mellow hike, mostly flat, a little gentle roll through an upland hardwood forest. And with few exceptions the trail is in such good shape you can devote your attention to the scenery passing by. 

This is a 6-mile out-and-back hike (using the Navigating feature you can create a shorter version). Sound a little far for your current physical situation? This hike is relatively flat and the trail is in great shape. That is, a good hike if you’re interested in lengthening your game.


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