Piedmont: 3 Hikes for Avoiding the Masses


Looking for a little quiet on the trail? You should find it, even on a gorgeous weekend, at these three trails, which somehow have yet to attract crowds. The hikes are in Durham, Bahama and Snow Camp, and range from 2.5 miles to 6.4 miles. Everything you need to know for your hike is in these guides.


The forecast for a sunny and cool weekend comes as both good news and bad for the hiker. Good, because who doesn’t like to hike when the air is crisp and dry? Bad, because who doesn’t like to hike when the air is crisp and dry?

The best-known trails get inundated on a sunny weekend day. But there are other equally good trails that somehow fly under the radar. ¬†Maybe they’re new, maybe they’re off the beaten path, maybe there’s simply no good reason they haven’t been discovered.

In this three-guide packet we share three trails that, for whatever reason, are great hikes but tend not to attract crowds. They are:

  1. Mountains-to-Sea Trail at Falls Lake: Day-Hike Section L (Rollingview Access to NC 98), Durham. 3.2 miles (one way)
  2. Butner-Falls Lake Game Lands: Butner Depot, Bahama. 5 miles. 
  3. Cane Creek Mountains Natural Area, Snow Camp. 2.5 miles.

Each guide includes a map, detailed route description and overview, in including trail difficulty, how to find the trailhead, what the experience is like and more.


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