What we’re about

Explore the outdoors, discover yourself
Our goal is to help you connect with your true self by connecting you with nature.
Our GetHiking! programs include hikes across North Carolina and the Southeast under the guidance of trained hike leaders. For those seeking a deeper dive into nature, our GetBackpacking! programs provide you with the training and skills to hike with a backpack and spend the night outdoors. For those seeking guidance on the use of a compass and map, our GetOriented! classes will give you the skills to find your way into—and out of—the woods.
We give you the skills and experience to confidently venture into the natural world and embrace the solitude essential to helping you catch your breath — and breathe. Give us an afternoon — even an hour — and we’ll show you how regularly connecting with nature can help you connect with yourself. 




Terms & Conditions

GetGoingNC.com is about moving and staying fit, and the multitude of ways you can do that in North Carolina. GetGoingNC.com is not about anything that does not involve moving, staying fit and having fun. We’re not about being critical in a non-productive manner. We’re not about waging personal vendettas. We’re not about anything you wouldn’t want your kids to read or hear. We’re not about politics, though we may touch on public policy as it pertains to providing the necessary infrastructure (parks and greenways, for instance). While we’re always glad to be quoted as a source, we’re not about being copied and rerun elsewhere without attribution.

Explore the outdoors, discover yourself.