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One happy, fun, nice guy

“Man, isn’t this embarrassing?” the mountain biker said as he pushed his bike up the steep hill to where I was already leaning over my bike, sucking air. I thought he was referring to being with me this far into the race.

“I lost my water bottle,” I said, making conversation by way of commiseration. I gulped some air to continue, but before I could he reached into his second cage and grabbed a spare water bottle. “Here. Take this.” read more

Competition: Victory stolen … or won?

Steve uttered an annoyed grunt and pulled off the trail. “My seat,” he said. “It slipped.” Instinctively, I pulled over to take a look. He gave me a funny a look, gave the seat a quick shove, and hopped back on. Moments later, another annoyed grunt, followed by another trailside stop. “I need to get out my wrench.” Again, I pulled over and stopped. read more

Scenes from a Huck-A-Buck

Today was the 9th running of the Huck-A-Buck, the longest running (I’m pretty sure) mountain bike race in the Triangle. The race is run by Happy Fun Racing, a local bike club who’s tongue-in-cheek catch phrase is “Nothing But The Best.” Tongue-in-cheek because the race is known for it’s laid-back attitude. Laid-back, but well run by Chris Pappas, Pat Lundergan and a bunch of other Happy Funners who understand what mountain biking is about. Enough blathering, on with scenes from today’s Huck-A-Buck. read more