Greetings from Denver …

… where I’ll be spending the next three days getting around exclusively by bike and mass transit. It’s an exercise largely to see what it’s like to be mobile in a city with extensive bike paths and routes, a city where bikes are accepted and incorporated into the transportation system. I’m also interested to see how bike transport integrates with Denver’s mass transit system, RTD, which includes an extensive bus network and hugely popular light rail system. (As is currently the case in the Triangle, light rail here was decried here as a waste — until it was built. Now, the pressure is on to expand the system.)

I’m using my experience over the next three days as a yardstick for the Triangle: to see how far we’ve come — and how far we have to go. I’ll be writing more about this next week. But for the next three days, you can follow my travels on Twitter, @JoeAGoGo.

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