How often is she working out?

Wondering where you fit in the How-often-is everyone-else-working-out? scheme of things?

Even if you don’t think of yourself as competitive, the thought probably does cross your mind. Especially if you’ve only recently embarked on an exercise program and it seems like other newcomers you know are losing more weight, keeping up better in Pilates, suddenly shopping the petite section. Are they working out three times a week? Four? Three times a day seven days a week!?

How often are they working out? I have to know!!

That question — How Often Do You Exercise? — is currently posed at (Disclosure: is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is also the sponsor of this blog.) And as you might expect, the folks who are making progress aren’t working out every once in a while (21 percent of the 307 respondents as of Friday said they work out “less than once a week”), or even just once or twice a week (25 percent), which is still below the recommended three-day minimum. In fact, more than half of your peers (54 percent) are working out three times a week or more.

(Curiously, 62 percent of men said they worked out three times or more per week, compared to just 52 percent of women [nearly three times as many women as men answered the survey], suggesting, perhaps, that the men had more time on their hands to exercise.)

Based on the comments left, the poll attracted a range of people, from the newbie (“I hope to start walking every day”) to the competitive athlete (“If you’re going to compete at this level, you have to work out at least once a day.”) If you’re looking for direction, Zumba was mentioned more than once as a fun exercise option, if you’re strapped for time there were suggestions for working a work out into your work day (pedometer, taking the stairs, parking at the far end of the lot) and if you feel too stressed to workout, you had at least one commiserator who advised, “I feel exercise is a great stress reliever and it’s important to keep moving and do something for me.”

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