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When I wrote for newspapers, about a tenth of the information I gathered in any given day made it into print. There was limited space in the paper and I was competing with other reporters for that coveted real estate. Thus, lots of interesting stuff wound up on the cutting room floor. Then along came blogs and just like that I had a home for all my news that didn’t fit into print.

A similar pattern has repeated itself in my life as a blogger. I collect all this great information, and while I technically could include it all here on — I have a seemingly infinite amount of cyberspace at my disposal — it would, frankly, be overwhelming. I was mentioning this dilemma to a far more social-media-savvy friend, who said, “Why don’t you just post the extra, smaller stuff on Facebook?” Which, starting today, is what I’m going.

Go to the Facebook page, like us, and you’ll get even more news about fitness and outdoor adventure. Today, for instance, you’ll discover five great workouts for climbers and a bonus Weekend Plans option. (Hint: It involves celestial bodies.) on Facebook: From the depths of my notebook to you.

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