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GetHiking! Corporate Wellness

If you’re interested in bringing all the wellness benefits of hiking to your workplace, we can help.

GetHiking! Corporate is an employer-sponsored program designed to get employees from behind their desks and into the outdoors.

“You did an amazing job with our group, with so much planning that went into it.  It was wonderfully executed. “
— Chrissy  Lantry, Novo Nordisk,
on weekend teambuilding retreat

What’s the difference between walking a few times around the building at lunchtime and hiking for a couple hours on the weekend? Rather than rushing to get in those laps before you return to your desk, you’ll be challenging mind and body as you move on natural surface with more ups and downs, twists and turns. Rather than fretting about the email you need to send, you’ll be navigating trees and rocks, allowing your brain to shift focus and let the stress flow out of you. Hiking regularly you’ll be more relaxed, have more stamina, and be more ready than ever to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

We offer a variety of ways for you to incorporate hiking into your corporate culture, including:

Weekly hike. Hiking has emerged as one of the safest ways for us to gather and, at the same time, enjoy the myriad benefits of physical activity and the outdoors. We can create a hiking program based on the physical ability of your team, and one on a different trails near your workplace. The hikes can be strictly social, they can double as business meetings, they can even work as team building exercises. 

Hike and coffee. Maybe you like the idea of a hike and a meeting, just not at the same time. We can take you on a hike — all the better for getting your endorphins active — then set you up with coffee, bagels and yogurt for a meeting in an outdoor location.

Weekend retreat. Yes, it can be done. Spring and fall are especially good times to hold weekend outdoor retreats. Picnic shelters make great meeting places, screened-in cabins, and airy tents and yurts maker for restful nights. And so much to do outdoors in-between!

Weekend retreat: backcountry. We equip your team with all the backpacking gear they’ll need to hike a couple miles into the woods, set up camp, and enjoy the quiet of the outdoors as day gives way to dusk, evening to night. The camaraderie developed on a backpack trip can’t be found in any other activity.

Team-building activities. Before you recoil at the thought of a ropes course, of perching 40 feet in the air on an inch-wide rope, that’s not what we have in mind. We have options that will challenge, but won’t terrorize. For example, a successful hike has many roles: hike leader, naturalist, historian, medic, caterer, sweep. The success of your hike depends on the success of these six key individuals.

We also have standing programs that can accommodate your crew:

  • GetHiking! 2022 Spring Tuesday Night Hike Series; for information, go here.
  • GetHiking! 2022 Spring Sunday Hike Series: for the morning session, go here, for the afternoon session, here.

Our clients include SAS, IQVIA (formerly Quintiles), MetLife, BlueCross of North Carolina, and Novo Nordisk.

If you’d like us to bring our programs to your company, contact us at or 919.791.6155.

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