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This weekend, CampOut! Carolina

This photo by Sara Cunningham was a finalist in last year's CampOut! Carolina photo contest in the Best Iconic Camping Photo category.

You’ve meant to go camping, and yet … .

And yet for a variety of reasons you haven’t made it happen. When I ask people what outdoor activity they’ve wanted to try but haven’t, the most common response is camping. There’s always an excuse, usually built on speculation:
I’m not sure about sleeping on the hard ground
I can’t imagine going to bed dirty
It seems like a lot of work
Raccoons! I worry about marauding raccoons!
Well, the time for speculative abstention is over. This weekend, EarthShare North Carolina sponsors CampOut! Carolina, a push to get you fence-sitters off the fence and into a tent.
You can participate in one of two ways. If part of camping’s appeal is the desire to survive on your own, to erect your own shelter (a roomy eight-person tent with separate living and sleeping quarters) and forage for your own food (or at least the firewood to fuel the fire to cook your straight-from-the-butcher steaks over), the CampOut! Carolina website has all kinds of helpful first-timer information.
If you have no illusions about your capacity to rough it,  you can take part in one of seven organized events being held statewide. One such events is the Fourth Annual CampOut! Carolina Jamboree this Saturday and Sunday at West Point on the Eno city park in Durham. Sponsored by Durham Parks and Recreation and the Triangle area REI stores, the event will feature helpful information on camping, hikes, storytelling around a campfire, s’mores and more. A limited number of tents and sleeping bags are available free of charge. The event is free, but space is limited; register by calling 919.560.4405.
If you are interested in camping out on your own this weekend but aren’t sure where to go, our friends at Great Outdoor Provision Co. have you covered. Their website includes 35 prime campgrounds near seven of the state’s metropolitan areas (Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh, Wilmington, Winston-Salem), plus another 15 campgrounds in the mountains that are open year-round. The descriptions include all the details you need to plan a great overnight in the wild.
Looks like you’re finally out of excuses, procasticampers. Enjoy your weekend under the stars. read more