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Cancer pushes Gerald Babao to the finish

This is the fourth of four stories this week on triathlons, specifically the increasingly popular sprint variety.
Tuesday: Triathlon by the numbers
Wednesday: The growing popularity of sprint triathlons
Thursday: Kim Feth’s story: From walking around her living room to finishing her first sprint tri eight months later.
Today: Gerald Babao’s story: Trying to out swim, out bike, out run cancer.
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A Monday cyclism

I’m a more obsessed than usual today with cycling. I’ll explain why in a moment. First, an observation or three from the cycling realm.

* * *

Being honest about your shortcomings is an admirable trait in anyone, let alone a pro athlete. Humility among our elite athletes is a rare commodity. Sure, an air of confidence is good, but too often athletes become taken more with PR than performance, and if lucrative endorsements are about anything, they’re about style rather than substance. Which is why Lance Armstrong’s observation following his disappointing finish in Saturday’s Tour de Suisse prologue was especially refreshing. The 4.7-mile time trial was run on wet streets, and Armstrong didn’t pull any punches in admitting that  riding fast on wet roads is a weakness. read more