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Scenes from a Meltdown

Scenes from Saturday’s six-hour Meltdown at Harris Lake endurance mountain bike race at Harris Lake County Park.

A rush from the mush

Recent snows, rain and cold weather (which keeps the trail from drying) have conspired to keep most mountain bike trails closed for the last month or so. That there even was a race Saturday was the doing of Amy Burke and her crew at Harris Lake. Race Director Chris White said Burke, who oversees trail maintenance at the park, had four people working on the trails full time last week and seven other employees pitched in when they could, building new boardwalks and infilling gravel in spots left perpetually wet by the recent snow and rain. The 8-mile course was soft in spots, but certainly rideable. Nice work by Burke & Co. read more

‘Meltdown’: Live coverage Saturday

Follow live coverage of Saturday’s Meltdown at Harris Lake 6-hour endurance mountain bike race on our Twitter network, JoeAGoGo. Coverage begins 7-7:30-8ish and goes until about 4 or I have a coronary because I haven’t been on the bike for an hour — let alone six — in the last month. Promises to be one entertaining event, since the nearly 60 riders registered have been sidelined by the recent wet weather. read more