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In 2017, don’t just set a goal, set the ‘right’ goal

The following originally ran on Jan. 1, 2012. We rerun it today with minor tweaks. “You know,” Chris said, “there aren’t too many people who could do this.” After catching his breath, he added, “And I don’t mean people our age. I mean people, period.” We were on day three of a four-day, 50-mile backpack trip on a particularly rugged region of the rugged Nantahala National Forest in western North…

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An active 2017 starts on Day One

We like to ward off the beginning of the work-week blues with thoughts about life on the outside. It’s only one day. But it’s a day that can make a difference. Sunday is the first day of the new year. Dating back 4,000 years to the Babylonians, we’ve looked at the day as a time for renewal and rebirth. We vow to be better people, we pledge to take better…

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Your weekend: Holiday Hikes 

First, a note that all North Carolina State Parks and most municipal and county parks are closed Christmas Day (Sunday). Thus, if you plan any park exploring, best get it in Saturday (or Friday!). That said … . Coast | Coastal Plain Got visiting kin who could use a bit of movement and wouldn’t mind learning about North Carolina history? Load ‘em in the car Saturday morning and head them…

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A present opened early

We like to ward off the beginning of the work-week blues with a thought about life on the outside. Today, I get to open an early Christmas present, a present that’s been sitting under the tree for three months. Duke Forest. In September, I relocated my office to Durham, to a location based in part on its nearness to our new home in Hillsborough, in part based on the reasonable…

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Your weekend: Embrace the cold

With the weather officially dipping into Brrrr territory, to help you stay warm and moving we suggest you do the following: Coast Isn’t some of what makes the weather getting colder so sweet, the appreciation we have for a nice, hot meal? Saturday, you’ll get the chance to experience just that. Help wrap up North Carolina State Parks’ 100 Year Anniversary with Goose Creek State Park’s campfire cooking program. Some…

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What are your 2017 backpacking goals? And How can we help?

Over the past two and a half years, we’ve graduated more than 120 backpackers through our GetBackpacking! program. They come in with little or no experience, after three training sessions and a weekend graduation trip to South Mountains State Park, they emerge competent backpackers. Then what? It’s a question raised most recently by Mike Owen, who went through the class this past summer. “Have you considered a longer backpacking trip…

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90 Second Escape: A Walk into Winter

Wednesday, Hump Day. The memories of your weekend adventures are too distant to cling to, the prospects of adventure over the weekend ahead too distant to ponder. To help you over these midweek blues, every Wednesday we visually take you to a place you’d probably rather be: a trail, a park, a greenway, a lake … anywhere as long as it’s not under a fluorescent bulb. Today’s 90-Second Escape: Walk…

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Winter: Low Expectations — and High Rewards

We like to ward off the beginning of the work-week blues with a thought about life on the outside. Its skies are milky, indifferent. Its landscape monochromatic, a wash of grays and browns. Its weather harsh at times.And Lord knows the season is stingy with sunlight. The stuff of travel & tourism ad campaigns winter is not. Perhaps that’s exactly why winter succeeds with so many of us, those who…

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Your Weekend: Don’t procrastinate — get out!

By Josh Hancock GetGoingNC Intern With only two weeks until the holidays, this is the time when you confirm which of two types of people you are. You are either the person who has their shopping done (or mostly done) and are taking in the holidays season, appreciating it for the special time it is. Or, you’re like me, wondering if even one gift is going to happen — and…

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Monday, Monday: An hour a day 

We like to ward off the beginning of the work-week blues with a thought about life on the outside. When I was in my late 20s, I worked as a technical writer for a military contractor. I liked the work; trouble was, because it was a military contract, there were long stretches where there was no work to be done while we awaited approvals. Oddly, it was one of the…

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