6 BC by the numbers

Here’s a numerical look at yesterday’s 6 BC endurance mountain bike race sponsored by the Triangle Off-Road Cyclists.

First, the basics:

6 — Course length, in miles.
6:00:00 — Number of hours to complete as many laps as possible
73 — Number of racers.
8 — Age of the youngest rider, Cedric Clyburn.
5 / 5:09:46 — Number of laps and the elapsed time for Cedric, who was riding a bike with 24-inch wheels. The last time I saw Cedric on the course, a female racer (sorry, I didn’t catch her bib number) was helping extract Cedric from a tree he had flipped into. After the race, while everyone else was celebrating in the beer garden, Cedric was hanging at a nearby playground.
14 — Age of the youngest female rider, Sophia Clyburn.
6 / 6:21:53 — Number of laps and elapsed time for Sophia, who took third in the Female Solo category.
47 — Age of the second oldest racer, Anne Bringuier, who won the Female Solo Open category, completing 8 laps in 5 hours, 52 minutes and 4 seconds.
53 — Age of the oldest racer, me.
11 — Most laps put in by a racer, tied by six individuals:  Matthew Lee, Alex Hawkins, Kip Clyburn, Alex Harrill, Saputra De and John Hinson.
5:41:08 — Fastest overall time, by 39-year-old Matthew Lee, winner of the Open Men’s Solo Division.
28:33 — Fastest lap time, recorded by Justin Kingon.
1 — Number of gears used by the 11 racers in the Single Speed Solo category.
11 / 6:04:07 — No. of laps completed and elapsed time by the Single Speed winner, Saputra De. His was the fifth best performance overall.
66 — Number of miles ridden by the 8 racers who completed 11 laps.

Find the full results for 6 BC here.

Tomorrow: The genius behind 6 BC.

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