Live, from Briar Chapel …

A reminder that I’ll be tweeting live today from 6 BC, the second in the Triangle Off-Road Cyclists’ four-race, six-hour endurance mountain bike series.  (Whew! Hope I’ve got more lungs for the race than I had for that sentence.) The race is a coming out of sorts for the new trail network at Briar Chapel, a green community emerging south of Chapel Hill. Word has it the trail has good flow, some of it very vertical and rocky.

To follow the race action, go to, click on “Find People,” then type JoeAGoGo in the box. When JoeAGoGo appears, click the first button (a silhouette of a person next to a plus sign). You’ll be all set to have your Saturday repeatedly interrupted by reports from the race.

Coverage starts when I get up and continues until they close the beer garden.

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