Tax free weekend: Save on jocks, shoes, rubber pants and more

When the state first introduced the concept of a tax-free weekend the first week of August it was pitched as a way for cash-strapped families to save money on back-to-school supplies. Then people started asking questions like, “What does a wedding gown have to do with going back to school?” So the N.C. Department of Revenue eventually dropped that conceit. Now, there are all sorts of things that qualify for tax-free weekend, including many that help with an active lifestyle.

Tax-free weekend commenced at 12:01 a.m. this morning and runs through Sunday. You can find a full rundown of what qualifies here. Below, I’ve highlighted a few items germane to our cause here at GetGoingNC.

Items less than $100:

Athletic supporters; bandannas; bathing suits and caps; boots; coats; earmuffs; gloves and mittens for general use; hats and caps; scarves; socks; stockings and footlets; underwear; insoles for shoes; jogging suits; rainwear; rubber pants; sandals; shoes and shoelaces; slippers; sneakers; uniforms.

Sports and recreational equipment costing less than $50.

Good luck finding some of these items — ski boots, wetsuits — for under $50. And biking, skating or baseball helmets may — or may not — be exempt. Of those items, the Department of Revenue Web site reads: “Biking, skating or baseball helmets are exempt during the ‘Sales Tax Holiday” as sport or recreational equipment provided the sales price is $50.00 or less per item.” So … does that mean biking, skating or baseball helmets costing $50.01 or more qualify? I’m guessing a fleet of lawyers were involved in writing this “clarification.” On to the qualifying items:

Ballet and tap shoes; cleated or spiked athletic shoes; gloves (baseball, bowling, boxing, hockey, golf, and other sports); goggles; hand and elbow guards; helmets (see intro); life preservers and vests; mouth guards; roller and ice skates; shin guards; shoulder pads; ski boots; waders; wetsuits; fins.

Image: Need a snappy new hiking hat? Boots? Rubber hiking pants? They’re tax free this weekend.

10 thoughts on “Tax free weekend: Save on jocks, shoes, rubber pants and more”

  1. I’m pretty sure what that means is that helmets are considered sporting equipment and, therefore, are tax-free if they are under $50.00 just like any other piece of sporting equipment.
    They are specifically listed as being included on this list:
    What’s confusing, I think, is the use of the word “exempt” which, in this case, means (I think) “exempt from tax,” but could be read to mean “exempt from inclusion in the tax-free weekend.” But that linked document seems to clear that up, as does this, from REI:
    Where they specifically mention bike helmets up to $50.00.

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