Holiday escapes: Hit your neighborhood park

Starting Dec. 19 and continuing through the end of the year, we’re suspending our normal programming to help those of you with kids on winter break find stuff to do. Every day through year’s end we’ll throw out an idea to get you and your youngsters out of the house and, most importantly, have the little ones tuckered out upon your return. Consider it’s gift to you.

Today: Hit your neighborhood park.

Last year, a postage stamp of a park — 11 acres — opened within walking distance of our house. It’s got limited green space — 1.4 acres — but it’s more than enough for a game of catch, Frisbee, family flag football or Whiffleball. It’s got a short — 0.4 mile —  paved walking trail — but it’s got some swerve and is good for a training-wheeled biker, a skateboarder or an inline skater. It’s got a modernistic playground that I have yet to tire of. I mean, that the kids have yet to tire of. And it’s got a small creek and little nature nooks ideal for in-depth, in-dirt inspection. In short, it’s a great two-hour escape guaranteed to have the entire crew nap-ready upon returning home. Chances are, there’s a similar park not far from you.

To find the park nearest you, contact your local parks & rec department, which you can track down using this list compiled by the North Carolina Recreation & Park Association.

3 thoughts on “Holiday escapes: Hit your neighborhood park”

  1. Hi Joe,

    It looks like you’ve got a great site going here. I got here from BCBSNC. However, there is nothing in your blog with regards to WNC! Any chance you’ll change that anytime soon?


    1. The first post of 2012 will be from western North Carolina, Ann. It’s about a 42-mile thru-hike of the N.C. Bartram Trail. And look for more from the mountainous end of the state in 2012.

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