House Creek Greenway: One tall boardwalk from finished

How close is Raleigh’s long-awaited House Creek Greenway from being completed?

One really tall boardwalk.

Rather than words, we’ll take you on a ride so you can get a feel for the greenway and just how close it is to being done. The one really tall boardwalk is at the very south end of the new greenway, where House Creek connects with Raleigh’s Reedy Creek Greenway.

If you’re curious about all the excitement over a 2.9-mile stretch of greenway — especially when much larger stretches of the 28-mile Neuse River Greenway are coming on line this year — check out this previous post.

House Creek is officially scheduled to be completed by June 25.

View House Creek Trail in a larger map

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8 thoughts on “House Creek Greenway: One tall boardwalk from finished”

  1. I rode this today – The House Creek Greenway ramains one tall boardwalk from finished. I am skeptical of their finishing this by the June 25th date as officially scheduled.

  2. Rode by the Wade Ave. end yesterday and saw, for the first time, a pile of building materials for the boardwalk (presumably). Apart from some large poles that have been in place for a while now, this is the first sign of progress I’ve seen on that last stretch. It’s encouraging because it does mean things are moving forward, but obviously Memorial Day has come and gone, and June 25th no longer seems likely, unless those boardwalks go up a lot faster than I think they do (and really I have no idea). Raleigh’s website still says end of June, but I do believe “late July” was mentioned recently.

      1. Thanks for keeping up with this, Joe. If you get a chance to talk to Vic, there’s one more thing I’d love to hear about: The Meredith gate for the greenway overpass bridge. My understanding was that Meredith was going to relocate their gate to the Wade Avenue underpass, so that when House Creek was open, the bridge would be accessible even when Meredith had locked up their campus. So far I see no signs that they are doing this, and it’s change that seems like it wouldn’t be dependent on the completion of House Creek. In fact, I think the Wade Avenue connector is completed, so people could benefit from this change immediately if it were implemented.

      2. I’ll ask, Rob. (That — or something along those lines — was my understanding as well.

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