Survey: Gals will crater first

Queendom did not survey land squirrels.

As we near the traditional witching hour for New Years resolutions — the third week of the year, when our resolve traditionally begins to dissolve, here come fightin’ words in the form of a survey from “a pioneer in online personality tests.” OK, that description, of, may not inspire the confidence of a Gallup or 538 poll, but the findings are interesting nonetheless. To wit …
Of 230 men and women surveyed regarding their will to lose and get healthy, men gave themselves a score of 65 out of 100, women a 61. Of course, this sounds like a self assessment, in which case the result isn’t surprising.

In related matters:

  • 26 percent of women said they would temporarily suspend their resolution to eat healthier and go for some comfort food due to a stressful week at work; 18 percent of men said they would do the same. In fact, most weight loss experts will tell you its OK to stray from a healthy diet now and then, that it’s not about deprivation, but establishing healthy eating habits over the long term.
  • 40 percent of men would look for healthier ways to reduce their stress, compared to 24 percent of women.
  • 65 percent of women said that they would be willing to join a gym by themselves, compared to 79 percent of men. Joining is one thing. Working out another.
  • After being given a strict boot camp workout by a trainer, 23 percent of women said they would stick to it faithfully, 62 percent said they would reduce the intensity and work out at a slower pace, 14 percent said they would cut the workout by half, and put in less of an effort. On the male side, 49 percent of men said they would stick to it, 41 percent said they would reduce the intensity, 10 percent said they would cut their workout by half.
  • 57 percent of women said their motivation to be healthier involves a mix of aesthetic reasons (to look good) and health reasons (to feel better). 36 percent cited strictly health reasons, while 7 percent said they just want to look good. Of men, 41 percent said they were motivated by a mix of aesthetic and health reasons, 53 percent strictly for health reasons, and 6 percent strictly for aesthetic reasons.

Take from’s findings what you will.

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