Long Trails of the Triangle

The longest of the long: the 60-mile Falls Lake portion of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

Sometimes you just need to stretch your legs — really, really stretch your legs. If you live in the Triangle and love a good, long stretch, you are in luck, because for an urban area it has more than its share of long trails. And varied long trails to boot. Some are paved and suitable for wheeled sports from cycling to rollerblading to stroller pushing. Some are a foot friendly, finally crushed natural surface, especially good for running. Some are the narrow, intimate singletrack perfect for hiking.
We’ve put together snapshots of five such long trails, ranging from the recently 7.1-mile Black Creek Greenway in Cary to the 60-mile section of the Falls Lake portion of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail (which will soon connected to the Eno River section of the MST and does connect to the Neuse River Trail, which will soon run nearly 33 miles into Clayton). Check out the snapshots. If you’re intrigued, click the recommended link for additional information.

Links to the five trails are below. For future reference, you can find these trails on our home page, on the left-hand bar under “Hiking”.

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  1. Joe, Great job describing these trails and their connections. Several of them (ATT, Neuse, Walnut Ck, Black Ck, White Oak Ck) are part of the East Coast Greenway, for those who need an even longer stretch. Dave.

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