90 Second Escape: Shoo, winter!

Monday — never an easy time for the outdoors enthusiast. After a weekend of adventure, returning to the humdrum work-a-day world can make one melancholy. To help ease the transition, every Monday we feature a 90 Second Escape — essentially, a 90-second video or slide show of a place you’d probably rather be: a trail, a park, a greenway, a lake … anywhere as long as it’s not under a fluorescent bulb.

Today’s 90-Second Escape: Shoo, winter!

I don’t think too many would dispute the fact that winter has overstayed its welcome (and yes, sticklers, we know the calendar says it can stick around until March 20.) March 2 and we still have snow on the ground?

Maybe part of the problem is our attitude. Maybe winter feels unloved, and that’s why it refuses to leave (or let our kids go back to school). Perhaps all we need to do is give winter a proper send-off, a 90 Second salute that basically lets it bow out with its dignity. (Never mind the fact we couldn’t bear to look at a full 90 seconds; hopefully winter doesn’t realize it’s send-off is 18 seconds short).

Bye, winter. Enjoy the off season.

* * *

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