An especially memorable day on the trail

I like to think we take away something every time we hike. Something as spirit lifting as the first spring wildflower to something as simple as the quiet or a conversation with your hiking partner.

Every once in a while, though, comes a hike that will be remembered because there’s a good chance you won’t see another one like it. Sunday was one of those hikes.

If you were out, you know what I mean. There was the remaining snow, an every once-or-twice-a-year occurrence, not uncommon for winter, but still always appreciated; there was the crystal blue sky; and there was the cold. And if you had the opportunity to hike near water, as our GetHiking! group did along the Eno River, you had the opportunity to see it frozen over. The sight of people walking on the Eno, of this usually feisty river stopped in its tracks, are sights we may never see again. They also serve as incentive, as a reminder that every time we pull up to a trailhead there’s the prospect of a memorable day in the woods.

Here are some reminders of a day our hikers won’t soon forget.

winter hiking
Crossing Buckquarter Creek
Winter Hiking
Setting out down the Buckquarter Creek Trail
winter hiking
The Eno River: frozen over, covered with snow
Part our GetHiking! group, patiently posing before hitting the trail.
Hiking along a frozen Buckquarter Creek
winter hiking
Winter hiking is made for kids
winter hiking
Snowy trail, snowy river

* * *

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