GetOut! Your Friday Nudge for Weekend Adventure

The pressure is on! Only one more weekend to get out before Christmas!

Our intent isn’t to add to the pressure of the holidays. Rather, to distract from it, with one of these options for getting out on a weekend that promises to be perfect for adventure, with temperatures in the 50s and hardly a cloud in the sky. Under such glorious conditions you could …

GetHiking! at Crowders Mountain (Boulders Access), Saturday, 9 a.m, Crowders Mountain State Park, Kings Mountains. Hike leader David Brantley hosts Hike Your Own Hike Day: you could hike 12 miles, you could hike 10; you could hike 8, you could hike 6. That’s the beauty of the Ridgeline Trail, connecting the Boulders Access with the Kings Pinnancle. A great way to avoid the crowds at Crowders’ main entrance. Learn more and sign up here. 

Lake Hike at Hanging Rock, Saturday, 2 p.m., Hanging Rock State Park, Danbury. Maybe you love the idea of hiking at Hanging Rock, but are intimidated by the distances, the rocky train, the elevation changes. On Saturday’s Lake Hike, there’s none of that. The hike is a mile long, it goes around the park’s 12-acre lake, and it’s pretty tame. You’ll learn a thing or two about the park as well on this ranger-lead hike. Learn more and sign up here.

Silent Hike, Sunday, 10 a.m., Eno River State Park: Pump Station Access, Durham. It’s the  camaraderie of a group hike minus the chatter. Learn more and sign up here.

As always, you can find more opportunities this weekend here:

  • North Carolina State Parks have a variety of adventures planned for the weekend. Check those options here.
  • North Carolina Environmental Education Centers has an extensive calendar of what’s happening at its affiliates; check it out here.
  • You can also find more adventures right here, at

Live the video

If you’re inspired by today’s video, learn more about exploring Eno River State Park here.  The video was shot during a scouting trip this week for the first outing in our Winter Wild series of off-trail hikes. Learn more about Winter Wild and sign up here.

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