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GetOut! A Warm Weekend Demands a Secret Escape

It was cold this week, but it will be welcomingly warm this weekend, so promises the forecast. And that could spell trouble in a world where people are increasingly inclined to head outdoors to try and escape the pandemic. 

So instead of making specific recommendations on where to go this warm late-fall weekend, we are instead going to pass along some advice from our book, “Explore Your Neighborhood: A Guide to Discovering the World Immediately Around You.” Specifically, advice on how to find and take an adventure out your front door, one that may not even involve getting in your car! read more

GetOut! Enjoy a post-Etta frolic along a frisky creek

So, we’ve had how many feet of rain from the remnants of Etta?

The good news is that Etta is supposed to vacate the area before dawn breaks on Friday. The other good news: by the time the weekend rolls around — a weekend forecast to have sunny skies and seasonal temperatures — most local waterways will still be showing some spunk from the storm. Thus, our three hike recommendations for the weekend are all trails where water makes the adventure all the more adventurous.  read more

GetOut! N.C. State Park programs resume

If you love fall, you’ll adore this weekend.

After a little rain on Friday, the skies clear, the temperatures drop and it’s fall again. Look for a temperature when you wake up Saturday in the upper 30s, look for daytime highs both days in the 60s, look for lots of sunshine. And look for something that’s starting to reappear after a long hiatus: programs at North Carolina State Parks.  read more